Thursday, 1 March 2012


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Introduction to Telecommunication

What is communication??
What I understand about communication is it is a two way interaction that involve at least two persons. Communication is occur when both of them that are the listener and speaker understand and get the message that the speaker want to deliver.

What about telecommunication???
The word tele itself mean a far away distance. So, telecommunication is the interaction between at least two person using devices between a far distance. The telephone is invented because of this purpose. To make people able to communicate each other in the far distance.

The other thing we learnt in the introduction is about history of the computer. I think the history is the boring part of this telecommunication subject.. But its not our lecturer fault.. For me, the history itself is boring.

Ok enough for the nonsense. Do you know that the computer actually is originated from the tools that call abascus??? Abascus is a tool used by Chinese to calculate. That the same concept that computer today used. The computers used the calculation to operate. This is an abascus :

We used to have this in primary school right?? It is the interesting tool to use but unfortunately I had forgotten on how to use it now..

Beside of these things we had learnt, we also learnt about the elements of computer and communication. There are 6 of them that are :
- people
- procedure
- data
- hardware
- software.

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